Buying and selling property is neither as complicated as some lawyers make out, or as simple as others would have you believe. I see our role as that of a project manager, explaining the process and highlighting the difficulties that may arise. We’ll respond quickly to your enquiries and deal with any developments which need prompt action or will affect the timing of your house move. You need advice, answers and support and you want us to act as quickly as possible.
I believe we do.

House-buying may be a common activity, but it can leave you frustrated when things don’t go to plan. We believe that a proactive approach and constant liaison are key to success in any house sale, or purchase. By working quickly to make sure contracts are exchanged, we always give you the earliest possible date for moving, and keep you informed at each and every step of the way.

Sales and purchasing of property or land

To ensure the smooth progress of a house purchase or sale, our Conveyancing team will:

  • Give clear, unambiguous fee quotations
  • Guarantee an 8 business hour response to any enquiries by phone or email
  • Guarantee to maintain contact with you at least once a week
  • By being a member of the Law Society Quality Solicitors Scheme
  • By being appointed to the panel of all major lenders
  • Maintain an agreed reporting system with all the major estate agents and financial advisors

Legal Ombudsman Guidance

The Legal Ombudsman has recently published guidance for buyers.  Whilst this is intended for first time buyers we think it includes useful guidance for all prospective purchasers, whether a first time buyer or not.  Please click on the link below to read the guidance.  If you have any queries about this, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Legal Ombudsman Guidance

Our 14 day guarantee

We promise that we’ll have reviewed, prepared and reported on your legal papers and invite you to sign your contract within 14 days of receiving:

  1. The draft papers in respect of your purchase or
  2. The Deeds in respect of your sale

Please note that we will never email our bank details or changes to our bank details.  If you receive an email to this effect purporting to be from us, please do not send funds and contact Rachel Gaylor immediately.

Who to contact

If you would like more information in respect of this service including details of fees and expenses and an idea of the process involved and how to get started then please contact:

At our Reading office:

At our Henley office:

Head of Department

Send an email to the Conveyancing Team