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berkshire cricket

Berkshire Cricket – Sponsored by the Head Partnership Solicitors

  “I’ve got absolute trust in them here, that I’ll always have the right sort of advice and I don’t think you can ask for anything more.” David Gower, Former England cricketer       Parents and players: we will keep this page updated with performances and reports from county fixtures and other interesting cricketing [...]

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A second THP Solicitors website!

We are delighted to announce the launch of our new website Whether you are a local group or club, charity or good cause, whether you are holding an event, or whether you want to know what’s going on locally, there’s something for you! On the ‘Community in Pictures’ page there is an opportunity to share with us [...]

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woodley carnival

Exciting news about THP’s involvement at Woodley Carnival!

We are very pleased and excited about our stall at the Woodley Carnival this year, which takes place on the afternoon of Saturday 14th June 2014 at Woodford Park, Woodley, Reading. As usual, there will be the usual free giveaways for kids (and big kids) alike, but this year there will be a football theme [...]

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Landmark Ruling for Unmarried Couples

Earlier this month the Court of Appeal gave judgment in the case of Southwell v Blackurn in which the order providing that a businessman must pay a lump sum to his ex-partner was upheld.    The parties met when Catherine Blackburn was 40 and David Southwell was 41.  She had been married previously and had [...]

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Changes to Intestacy Rules – do they affect you?

On 1 October 2014 significant changes were introduced in relation to the rules of Intestacy.  The rules of Intestacy govern what happens to your estate if you die without having prepared a Will.  The changes that have been introduced will make things more straightforward for married persons who die without a Will in place, however [...]

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Prenuptial Agreements to become legally binding?

Prenuptial agreements have traditionally been used in foreign jurisdictions such as the US, as a means of creating legally binding agreements on the division of property, money and other assets in the event of a Divorce. Historically however, English Family Courts do not afford prenuptial agreements with the same legally binding status. Instead these agreements [...]

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